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Hempsy Drops

Such a great product. Im in construction so my body takes a beating. I take these at night and sleep great and when I wake up my muscles aren't stiff anymore.

Great stuff!

For someone who hasn’t found a CBD liquid that tastes OK, caps make makes my day!

Hempsy Bath Salts

I really enjoy the Hempsy Bath Salts, very calming! and


Hands-down the best CBD product I have ever used. the arthritis pain in my hands has basically disappeared.

This works great on aches and pains!

Great price for quality Product

Very pleased with ease of ordering, the Gummies and good value

Frost Rub


My 11 yr old 15lb dog can jump up on my high bed again when she wants to

Hempstead Helps

Product offers much relief for back pain.

Roll-away pain

Like this product and the best part your hands do not get messy.

Love this company.

Love this company, so much that I referred several friends, who have also made purchases.

Great Cherry Taste

The taste is great & the oil quality good, too.

Zeus is still here because of you.

My most faithful companion, Zeus, a long haired blue Merle chihuahua, was diagnosed with a brain tumor a little over 2 years ago but is still alive today because of your CBD drops. We were SO close to having him euthanized. He was on megadoses of levetiracetam and phenobarbital but still having about 6-8 grand mal seizures per day. We were distraught but couldn’t watch him suffer anymore. I begged my husband to just give it a week or two for the cbd to work. Within 3 days he showed progress. 3 days! I am so grateful for Hempsy products. Sadly, my best boy just got diagnosed with heart disease. I don’t know how long I’ll have him but I DO know I got him so much longer because of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. XO
The Nagle’s

Pet Drops

Quick healthy relief for muscle soreness

I’ve been treating my sore back and joint pain with the roll on CBD treatment. The frost roll on works almost instantly to treat the soreness, very similar to icy hot but without the nasty chemicals. I will definitely buy this product again.


Was having some trouble sleeping due to pain. Started taking the CBD Oil the next night I slept a lot better. Has done any thing for pain so far not giving up on it yet though.

Excellent stuff!

I don’t care for the taste of any of the many different oils I have tried! Capsules give me the best alternative! Just wish there was another capsule with a greater dosage like 30 mg vs. 15 mg!!! THANKS!

Good Stuff

My partner is the one uses this product! She swears by it!


So easy to apply and no need to try to wash the menthol off my hands like great frost rub!

Frost Rub

Pet Drops


I’ve tried many oral and topical CBD products. Nothing makes the difference these quality products make.

Great products

Love the products and super fast shipping.


I’ve tried several oral and topical cbd products- this is way ahead of the pack. I’m noticeably more relaxed and in less pain. I do two droppers of the 1000 mg once a day as my pain was intense and the roll on twice a day. Within a couple days I was in almost no pain.

Luv it

Like the product. Helps with aches