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Tips for dealing with anxious animals during the holidays

The holiday season tends to bring people together more frequently than any other time of year. Hosting family get-togethers, decorating Christmas trees, or putting up themed decorations can throw us out of our normal routine. But, our furry friends at home also endure these changes, which can cause significant amounts of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty.

Read on for some tips on how to deal with anxious animals during the holidays:

Give them extra attention

It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and forget that your animals are under stress. It’s important that you set aside time at gatherings for nurturing and attention so that they feel understood and acknowledged. Pets show anxiety in a multitude of ways. For dogs, they might tuck their tails, bark or howl, pant, shake or shiver, or pace around the house.

For cats, signs of anxiety include hiding, not eating, dilated pupils, aggression or altered- behavior, twitching tails, and more. Make sure to take note of these actions and give your animals extra attention this holiday season.

Put them somewhere they feel safe

If you have family members over and your animals begin to feel overwhelmed, one of the best solutions is to put them somewhere they feel safe. This could be an isolated room where they can get comfortable and calm down. Make sure to load the safe space with the toys, treats, and food/water so they don’t have to try to cope with the chaos during your holiday gathering.

Try a compression Wrap or Hold Them for Security

If you’ve never seen or used a compression wrap for your pets, they can make a huge difference. If there is loud music, rain, or even fireworks, wrap your pet by swaddling them and applying gentle, continuous pressure. This will help reduce fear, anxiety, and overall stress.

If you don’t have a compression wrap at home, simply grab a thick or weighted blanket, and do the same thing with that! You will see just how much they calm down and feel relaxed.

Put on the TV or White Noise Machine

This is the easiest, and most convenient way to put your pets at ease. Just like people, animals can hear and feel the rhythms of music. Whether you use a white noise machine or your phone, playing calming sounds can encourage them to relax. It works as a distraction and calming mechanism. Don’t forget to comfort your pet while they are in distress, it will make them feel safer and understood.

Give them Hempsy CBD Pet Drops

Another great alternative to the activities mentioned above is to provide your furry friends with

Hempsy CBD Pet Drops.

Our pet drops are completely safe for consumption and do not contain THC. These non- psychoactive drops can benefit your pets by nourishing their endocannabinoid system. Our Pet Drops are a formulated blend that can be added to food or administered orally to reduce anxiety, stress, and pain.

If you think your animals would enjoy our Peanut Butter Chews, reward them with our tasty treats this holiday season!