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Tips to help prevent dry lips this fall


Tips to Help Prevent Dry Lips this Fall

The fall season is always one to look forward to throughout the year. From the family holidays to the amazing weather, Fall is often chosen as the favorite season for many people. Unfortunately, although Fall may seem perfect, it is necessary to properly prepare for the season. During the Fall season, when the temperature begins to drop, our bodies react to the changing environment. Cooler, drier weather directly impacts sensitive areas on the body, such as the lips. Many people find it hard to cope with dry, sensitive lips in colder weather. With that being said, here are a few tips to help prevent dry lips this Fall!

Always Carry a Lip Balm

Carrying a lip balm with you is essential, especially in the Fall season. Keeping a lip balm helps hydrate your lips to prevent dry, chapped lips in colder weather. Before you head out for the day, aim to apply your lip balm regularly to your lips when you begin to experience dryness on the surface. A great way to remember this is by making your lip balm a part of your skincare routine. Furthermore, studies have found that it is not uncommon to experience dryness on the lips in the morning after waking up. To prevent this from happening, aim to add your lip balm to your nightly skincare routine as well. Adding a lip balm to your night routine is an excellent way to rehydrate the lips while you get your beauty sleep at night.

Stop Licking Your Lips

Equally important, it is necessary to stop licking your lips to help prevent dry lips this Fall season. Although it’s a normal reaction to lick your lips when you feel dryness, studies have found that this tends to contribute to overall dryness over time. If you lick your lips frequently, you are contributing to dehydration on the surface and also removing the nutrients needed to prevent dryness in the first place. Instead of licking your lips, aim to apply your lip balm every time you get the urge, so you can replenish the surface with helpful nutrients to prevent chapped lips this Fall season.

Stay Hydrated

Lastly, it is necessary to remember to stay hydrated this Fall. When the body lacks hydration, it is not uncommon for a person to experience chapped lips on the surface. For this reason, it is recommended by health professionals to drink at least eight glasses of water to prevent dehydration from occurring over time. Altogether, staying hydrated and following these tips are all helpful methods to prevent dry, chapped lips this Fall.